What types of textile machinery are classified?

Source:   Date:2022/8/30 14:20:00

Today we are going to talk about the classification of textile machinery, so we need to first understand textile machinery before classifying it. The following are the key definitions and classifications of textile machinery

        Definition of textile machinery:

          Textile machinery is the various mechanical equipment required to process natural or chemical fibers into textiles. Although the machinery for producing chemical fibers includes various chemical machinery, it is now considered an extension of textile machinery and belongs to the broad category of textile machinery

          Classification of textile machinery (usually classified according to production processes): (1) spinning equipment;; (2) Weaving equipment; (3) Printing and dyeing equipment; (4) Organize equipment; (5) Chemical fiber drawing equipment; (6) Silk reeling equipment; (7) Non woven fabric equipment

          Textile machinery accessories refer to the parts or components of textile machinery that are installed or replaced after damage. Accessories can be divided into two categories: standard accessories and optional accessories, as well as textile machinery accessories

       1 Scale accessories

          refers to the auxiliary components equipped with textile machinery. Although the scale setting equipment deployment of each model varies, common scale setting equipment deployment components include memory and paper supply boxes. Although dealing with different models, the size of the memory and the capacity of the paper supply box are different. The deployment environment of scale setting equipment can be understood by consulting product explanations. If there is a lack of scale setting equipment deployment, it will definitely affect the utilization and performance of textile machinery to a certain extent

       2 Optional accessories

          It is a necessary purchase that, in addition to scale setting equipment, can also enhance the functionality of textile machinery and improve product performance. Unlike the deployment of scale setting equipment, the selection of unfortunate accessories does not affect the use of textile machinery. There are many options for accessories, and different products provide different options. Therefore, when selecting accessories, it is necessary to refer to the product description in advance to prevent it from being unusable after purchase

What types of textile machinery are classified?