The basic principle of opening the jacquard faucet machine

Source:   Date:2022/9/7 13:53:00

          The working principle of the single action upper opening jacquard faucet machine

        The domestic textile industry uses a single action upper opening jacquard machine, which is characterized by simple structure, low cost, easy maintenance, but slow speed

          The main body of the opening mechanism of this jacquard machine consists of many secondary needle pairs and a knife box containing multiple lifting knives. Each pair of needle pairs includes a horizontal needle 7 and a vertical needle 1. The vertical needle 1 is placed on the supporting needle rod 5, and the upper hook should be 3-4mm above the lifting knife 2. The horizontal needle 7 has a concave head, and each vertical needle is in the corresponding concave head. The flower tube 9 can be located on the left side of the jacquard machine Right or front and rear sides. When working, place the pattern board 12 on the flower tube, press the tube against the horizontal needle once for each weave, and then flip over a pattern board. When there are holes on the pattern board, the head end of the horizontal needle extends into the opposite holes on the pattern board. When the lifting knife rises, it drives the vertical needle to rise, thereby driving the suspended heald wire to rise, that is, the warp yarn that penetrates the heald wire to rise, forming the warp point of the fabric. If there is no hole on the pattern board at this point, the pattern board pushes the horizontal needle backward, and the concave head of the horizontal needle pushes the vertical needle backward. At this time, the hook at the upper end of the vertical needle breaks away from the lifting line of the knife, and it cannot rise with the lifting line. The warp yarn it controls also remains stationary at the heald. In this way, the raised and non raised warp yarns form a shed. The lifting knife descends and the shed closes. At this moment, under the action of a plumb bob hanging under the heald, the heald and warp yarn are pulled back to their original position. The horizontal needle plate in Figure 3-4 mainly plays a positioning role, ensuring that the holes on the horizontal needle and the pattern plate correspond one by one

          The pattern board is designed according to the artwork. If there is a hole, the corresponding pattern needle will be commanded to lift the warp line to form warp weave points. If not, weft weave points will be formed. The number of needles in a jacquard machine indicates its control over warp yarn

The basic principle of opening the jacquard faucet machine