What is computer jacquard? What is computer printing?

Source:   Date:2022/9/15 14:18:00

        computer jacquard is a method of inputting a designed pattern into a computer program, and then using computer jacquard to weave this pattern. Printing is the use of dyes to print a predetermined pattern on a fabric, with two different types

          Ordinary fabric: It is a fabric without patterns and is usually used to dye plain colors, such as purple, red, yellow, blue, green, and other different colors; At the same time, it is also divided into Roman cloth, sweat cloth, air layer, milk thread, etc. Printed fabric: As the name suggests, it means using the fabric mentioned in the middle to print, and according to the fabric you need, printing different patterns and patterns to obtain the fabric you want. Jacquard fabric: However, jacquard fabrics are divided into two categories: single sided jacquard and double sided jacquard. Their weaving methods share a common feature, which is to use different colored yarns to draw on a computer and input the drawn image into the computer version of the weaving machine. The computer version transmits the data to the jacquard chip, which receives the data and then weaves the drawn pattern by identifying the needle output in the pattern. The fabric has a pattern when it comes down from the machine, so there is no need to take it for printing. Of course, some people also use jacquard fabric for printing to make the fabric more colorful, making the fabric more layered

          Jacquard is a jacquard device on a weaving machine that weaves patterns on the fabric surface, with clear concavity and convexity, strong three-dimensional sense, and is often used for dyeing. With the advancement of technology, electronic jacquard is gradually developed and adopted

          printing is mainly printed through wire mesh (circular mesh, flat mesh) or roller printing, which can reproduce images and text through multiple color schemes, bright and realistic, but without three-dimensional sense

          Now there is a lifting process, which involves printing on jacquard fabrics. By combining the advantages of the two, it is icing on the cake


What is computer jacquard? What is computer printing?