Development of High Speed Electronic Jacquard Machine

Source:   Date:2022/10/15 9:40:00

The high-speed electronic jacquard machine is an advanced textile equipment that utilizes electronic, communication, computer and other technologies to control the jacquard faucet. Compared to traditional mechanical jacquard devices, it is simple to use, high in reliability, low in production cost, and has a short trial weaving cycle for new products

Therefore, it can adapt to the market characteristics of jacquard fabrics with "multiple varieties, small batches, and fast changes". It is a hot topic both domestically and internationally

          Develop a new electronic jacquard control system, which includes the following parts:

       1. Based on the development status of electronic jacquard both domestically and internationally, a new design scheme for electronic jacquard machines is proposed by comparing the principles of patterned jacquard weaving and electronic jacquard weaving, which uses a stepper motor instead of a cam drive and has communication function

       2. Analyze the problems in the mechanical design and manufacturing of electronic jacquard machines, and determine solutions

       3. Design, manufacture, and debug the electronic jacquard control system, and debug each functional module. After prototype testing, all performance indicators meet the design requirements. Due to the replacement of cam drive by stepper motors, their operation is smoother, more accurate, and their structure is simpler

Development of High Speed Electronic Jacquard Machine