Maintenance and upkeep of jacquard machines

Source:   Date:2022/12/19 13:52:00

The jacquard machine is an important traditional invention in China, and with the development of modern science and technology, its use is more convenient and fast. Now let's take a look at the repair and maintenance methods for jacquard machines

Maintenance of Jacquard Machine  1 Every day, it is necessary to lubricate the rotor, shaft, and walking spindle, and wipe the table clean to avoid falling objects getting stuck on the spindle. Before starting the machine, it must be confirmed that there are no obstacles within the range of machine operation

       2 Add oil 2-3 times per shift to keep the electrical appliances clean. After 600 hours of operation of the new machine, it is necessary to forcefully maintain the oil drain screw at the bottom of one side of the lower plate, drain the oil in the lower plate, and flush the oil injection hole with diesel on one side of the upper plate. Add heat-resistant oil to the gear oil and add the amount to the scale line

       3 Every month, check whether the gear oil in the machine base box is within the specified range (the oil level must be in the center of the two scales of the oil measuring needle. If it is lower than the bottom line of the oil measuring needle, add oil, but not too much to avoid oil spraying). When starting up, please run at low speed for 5 minutes and then increase the speed to clean the broken wire guide rail and other rotating parts on the disk surface in a timely manner to maintain lubrication

       4 Annual maintenance of jacquard loom Check whether the oil in the lower plate is in the middle of the scale line Check whether the oil in the turbine box is lower than the scale line Check whether the continuous rotating parts are loose Clean the spindles with gasoline (it is forbidden to use high-strength diluents, such as loose perfume and acetone) Replace worn parts, and add oil appropriately


          2. Maintenance of jacquard machines

       1 Before weaving with the jacquard machine, add oil to each oil hole half a day in advance

       2 When the jacquard machine leaves the factory, all screws have been tightened. If there is a need to adjust the jacquard machine due to special reasons, please make sure to tighten the screws

       3 After the jacquard machine is working normally, refuel once per shift within a week (working for 12 hours), and refuel once every 24 hours after a week; It is recommended to add oil to the bearings once a month, and to add engine oil to the transmission chain. Before adding oil, it is recommended to clean it first

       4 Inject oil once a month for the vertical needle, and it is recommended to use transformer oil (once a week during the rainy season, as the amount of oil varies from person to person, it is generally sufficient to keep it dry)

       5 Keep the jacquard machine clean, and it is recommended to thoroughly clean the gap between the vertical needle, the gap between the yellow thread sleeve and the pulley rope angle iron, the gap between the copper plate, and the needle guard plate with an air pump once a month

        The above is some information about the maintenance and repair of jacquard machines. You can also learn more from this aspect and hope to have a deeper understanding and understanding of jacquard machines through the above content

Maintenance and upkeep of jacquard machines