What is a computer jacquard tape machine?

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The definition of computer jacquard tape machine: It is a computer-controlled jacquard tape machine that designs patterns and text, and weaves various types of woven tape products such as patterns and text

The development of computerized jacquard looms from simple mechanical control to computer control is a leap forward, further improving the work efficiency of jacquard looms and making it easier for operators

However, the operation of computer jacquard looms is relatively complex and requires personnel with certain knowledge to operate. These personnel are relatively few and cannot meet the needs of the industry, which also limits the rapid development of jacquard looms

Returning to the topic, the work of the jacquard head is relatively fixed and only needs to be completed through a set of fixed mechanical motion devices. The rest will be combined with computer programs to achieve pattern recognition and output command information. The output command information will be reflected in the motion law of the jacquard rope

As for the principle, it is controlled by a set of circuits, which simply controls the electromagnetic valve (iron) through a switching power supply to generate magnetic force and cooperate with the moving parts to achieve the specified action we send out. Multiple solenoid valves operate simultaneously to control all jacquard ropes

The jacquard yarn string in turn controls the warp yarn passing through it, and when combined with the weft yarn, it can form the desired jacquard ribbon

Classification of computer jacquard tape machines: According to specific weaving methods, they can be divided into two categories: mechanical jacquard looms and computer jacquard tape machines

Computer loom: It is a commonly used loom that can produce various jacquard elastic and non elastic webbing. Generally divided into computer jacquard straps

Computer loom: Compared to ordinary shuttleless looms, it is relatively less used. We can produce various ribbons and styles

1. Adopting an upper opening needle selection system, it can be equipped with standard, enlarged or double braid, high and low jacquard openings, and the faucet is installed on the center bracket, making it easy to load and unload, simple in design, and easy to operate

2. Real time display of production progress and output per shift, automatic shutdown when the actual output reaches the set output, and real-time display of loom speed and weft count, recording production data

3. The graphic changes are simple, and can be directly inputted with the keyboard. It can read the written graphics and quickly read the data on the USB flash drive, saving production costs

4. High speed design, adjustable device speed, easy to use, stable, and safe

What is a computer jacquard tape machine?