Identification method for jacquard fabrics

Source:   Date:2022/11/21 13:23:00

          Everyone should know about jacquard fabrics. Below, the editor will explain the methods for identifying jacquard fabrics:

        1. Determine the warp and weft directions of the fabric

          2. Find a complete latitudinal cycle

          Thirdly, find out how many warp yarns with different movements are present in a complete cycle

          4. Generally, under different movements, if the number of warp yarns is less than 20, it is a small jacquard, and if the number of warp yarns is more than 20, it is a large jacquard. This is only a preliminary judgment

          In the actual process, it is necessary to analyze the equipment configuration of the company. For example, if a certain company can configure 16 heald frames for multi arm weaving, then weaving fabrics with different number of motion warp yarns must be done using a large jacquard machine. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the heald density of each heald, as excessive heald density of each heald can lead to problems such as poor daily life. For example, it is preliminarily determined that using 20 different movements of warp yarns, the company is equipped with a dobby loom with 20 healds, but the excessive warp density of the fabric results in excessive density of each heald thread. At this point, it is necessary to consider weaving on a large jacquard machine

In practical work, whether in design or sales, one can analyze and make judgments based on their own situation


Identification method for jacquard fabrics