Introduction to Jacquard Machine Faucet

Source:   Date:2023/1/29 8:44:00

Everyone should know about electronic jacquard. Today, the editor will explain to you the introduction of electronic jacquard machine faucets

(1) Equipment Introduction

The electronic jacquard machine faucet is an important component of the jacquard machine equipment. It can store jacquard information and control the opening status of the warp and weft threads on the loom according to the jacquard information, making the warp and weft threads interweave into a concave and convex patterned fabric surface in a set way during weaving.

The driving force of the electronic jacquard machine tap comes from the jacquard loom. In the past, the transmission mechanism of electronic jacquard machines had problems such as being too bulky, low transmission efficiency, and loud noise, making it difficult to meet customers' needs for high energy efficiency and a good working environment. Therefore, a servo direct drive system with advantages such as simple mechanical structure, high transmission efficiency, and low noise, replacing traditional transmission mechanisms, will become the mainstream trend of future development

(2) Equipment Principle

The operating principle of the electronic jacquard machine faucet is that the servo motor is transmitted to the spindle of the electronic jacquard machine faucet through a reduction mechanism, driving the conjugate cam or eccentric wheel to operate, driving the connecting rod to make the lifting knife move up and down, and pushing the motion hooks of the components on both sides to alternate and rise.

. The control system of the electronic jacquard machine's faucet controls whether the electromagnet of the component is powered on or powered off according to the designer's document, determining whether the moving hook can be interlocked with the fixed hook, thereby controlling the corresponding moving pulley to rise and fall with the lifting knife, driving the through wire to move the palm wire with warp yarn up and down, obtaining the warp and weft weave points respectively, and achieving the weaving of jacquard fabric

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Introduction to Jacquard Machine Faucet