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What material is jacquard fabric?

Source:   Date:2023/2/11 16:07:00

        jacquard fabric is a high-precision yarn fabric that contains pure cotton and is a high-quality fabric. Jacquard fabric is made by changing the warp and weft of the fabric. It is very durable and beautiful. The woven flowers have a three-dimensional feel and a good hand feel

          Jacquard fabrics also come in polyester, blended, and pure cotton materials. No matter which material is used to make jacquard, the precision and density of the weaving method are very neat, and the flowers woven are very beautiful

          Jacquard fabrics can be divided into single color jacquard and multi color jacquard, as well as woven jacquard with gold border and weft knitted jacquard

        Some jacquard fabrics also belong to nylon spandex or real silk materials, which will have bright colors, exquisite flowers, and a smooth and luxurious overall effect        Jacquard fabric has many advantages, such as breathability and beauty, overall durability, but it also has a disadvantage that it is easy to fade. After a period of use, the fading of the jacquard fabric is quite noticeable
          When washing, especially for the first time, salt can be used to soak to prevent fading. It is not recommended to expose to sunlight during cleaning afterwards, and to dry in a state of scattered light and ventilation

What material is jacquard fabric?