NHC (NKC/NXC) series electronic jacquard machines


Date:2023/9/20 11:01:57



Product Parameters:

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Product Introduction:

The power source of this series of products comes from servo motors, covering From 3456 to 19840 stitches in all product lines of our company

The design of this product abandons the traditional combination of commutator and transmission shaft, reduces the transmission chain, improves transmission efficiency, and reduces vulnerable and maintenance components while reducing loom energy consumption by over 50%

This product innovates the design principle of seamless connection between servo motor and jacquard cam box, eliminating the need for a transmission gearbox, reducing user usage costs, and further improving the product's high-end and variety adaptability


Electrical control features:

1. 256 color LCD touch screen display, simple and smooth operation interface, easy to use introduction

2. Industrial grade design, strong stability, and extremely low failure rate. Each module of the circuit has undergone standard tests (electromagnetic interference, three protections, vibration, high and low temperature, etc.)

3. It supports network import files and USB drive import files

4. 16G pattern storage space (10752 pin faucet can store 10 million latitudes)

5. It supports pattern preview and pattern specific editing

6. It can provide pattern file management service software to achieve pattern network management and device online diagnosis

7 Use parameters to configure customers' specific jacquard needs, such as reverse weaving, double width weaving, etc.

8. Compatible with various communication protocols of domestic and foreign looms