You must take a look at some common sense about electronic jacquard machines

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        electronic jacquard machines should be familiar to everyone. Today, the editor will give you a detailed explanation of some basic knowledge about electronic jacquard machines

          Jacquard machines have been widely used in the textile industry. Currently, most weaving enterprises still use traditional mechanical jacquard machines for wide fabrics, trademarks, neckties, and other fields. Mechanical jacquard machines have significant limitations in not being able to warp knit at high speeds, and due to climate change and deformation of rolled pattern plates, there are common defects such as low productivity, high noise, high maintenance costs, and low reliability, which prevent the achievement of high-quality home textile quality. But now that this problem has been solved, let's take a look at this new type of jacquard machine

        1. Technical Background of Electronic Jacquard Machines

          In recent years, the domestic development and research level in terms of quality, reliability, and stability are difficult to compare with imported equipment, and the domestic jacquard machine industry cannot form scale competition with similar foreign products. Its defects lie in the fact that the jacquard quality of domestic jacquard machines cannot meet the needs of home textile enterprises, and the mechanical structure is complex and bulky, with high noise, easy wear, and high maintenance costs; The jacquard needle used is too long and heavy, and the electromagnetic valve consumes a lot of power and has limited suction, resulting in poor operational reliability and the problem of difficult to completely avoid selecting wrong patterns. In order to meet the needs of technological progress in the textile industry, it is imperative to independently develop high-speed, high-efficiency, and highly reliable jacquard mechanical transmission devices

        2. Introduction to Electronic Jacquard Machine

          Electronic Jacquard Machine is composed of a coordinate frame, a crank transmission mechanism, a coaxial swing opening mechanism, and a lifting opening selection mechanism; The crank transmission mechanism is connected to the coordinate frame, the coaxial swing opening mechanism is connected to the crank transmission mechanism, and the lifting opening selection mechanism is connected to the coaxial swing opening mechanism. This electronic jacquard machine is small in size, compact in overall structure, reliable in high speed operation, low in noise, energy-saving, and easy to maintain

        Thirdly, the effect of electronic jacquard machines

       1 The coordinate frame structure design ensures the balance and correctness of needle selection between the coaxial swing mechanism and the selection guide rail box

       2 Design of a long distance crank torque transmission opening mechanism to reduce the load on the transmission arm and achieve high-speed and smooth operation of the crank transmission

       3 The design of a concentric axis swing opening mechanism, with two bearing positions on each side frame on the left and right sides. The central axis and hollow axis are axially supported on the side frame, similar to the bidirectional balance axis swing force, and combined into a coaxial swing opening mechanism to achieve clear opening movement of the lifting and selecting device

       4 The design of the lifting opening selection mechanism reduces the friction between the lifting tool and the guide rail of the opening lifting mechanism, reduces the mechanical transmission load, and improves the service life of the entire machine

The above is some knowledge about electronic jacquard machines. We hope you can learn more from our website and have a better understanding of electronic jacquard machines

You must take a look at some common sense about electronic jacquard machines