Introduction to Computer Jacquard Related Knowledge

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        jacquard is well-known to many people. Today, the editor will explain the introduction of computer jacquard to everyone. Let's take a look together

          Jacquard single sided knitting machine

        Jacquard single sided knitting machine has two types: small jacquard machines and large jacquard machines

       1 )Small single sided jacquard knitting round machine

          Small jacquard knitting round machine, called a mechanical jacquard machine in knitting enterprises, is simple, convenient, and fast to change varieties, but has low speed and low output. It has several types such as jacquard wheel type (commonly known as flower disc type), paddle type (swing type), drum type, insert type, etc. It is used to weave and produce various types of single sided small jacquard fabrics, and has small jacquard machines such as ordinary single sided, ordinary terry, sweaters, and loop shifting

       2 )Large single sided jacquard knitting round machine

          Large single sided jacquard knitting round machine is commonly known as computer jacquard round machine, because it inserts a designed floppy disk into a computer and inputs a program for weaving production, it is also known as a foolproof round machine. This machine uses a computer program to select knitting needles for weaving, non weaving, and looping. It has two working positions (looping and floating thread, looping and looping) and three working positions (one can simultaneously weave, looping and floating thread). It is used to weave knitted fabrics with large patterns, and can change yarn colors. There are four colors, five colors, six colors, and eight colors that change each other, and it has large jacquard single sided, jacquard loops Jacquard sweaters, loop shifting and other patterning jacquard machines

          The computer jacquard knitting large circular machine greatly shortens the product design cycle, reduces the product cost of the large circular machine, greatly improves the product quality, improves the economic and social benefits of the enterprise, and enhances the competitiveness and adaptability of the enterprise

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Introduction to Computer Jacquard Related Knowledge