Introduction to the Function of Electronic Jacquard Faucet

Source:   Date:2023/7/29 14:48:00

          electronic jacquard faucet is a mechanical device used for automatic control on looms. It is controlled by various automatic devices such as computer controlled jacquard machines, heald machines, circular weft machines, and beating machines

          Electronic jacquard and electronic warp weft machines controlled by computers can achieve functions such as automatic warp feeding, automatic phase change, automatic weft release, and automatic detection. Used for weaving various fancy yarns, such as ribbon yarn, mesh yarn, etc. It can achieve full computer control and has the characteristics of easy operation and high automation. It can also perform various pattern designs on fabrics and has a graphic output function, making the fabric more interesting and decorative. Multiple varieties of production can be carried out, resulting in higher production efficiency and greater return on investment

          The jacquard faucet can be operated on multiple looms simultaneously and the direction of operation can be changed at any time. It can directly control the operation of the entire loom and has automatic detection function, which can prevent needle breakage and other faults from occurring. Jacquard faucets with automatic yarn loading and unloading devices can be designed as needed to achieve automatic warp feeding. The appearance of the fabric can be changed by setting different parameters and methods. Jacquard faucets of various specifications and functions can be designed according to customer needs to meet their special requirements. You can design jacquard functional components or modules according to production needs. You can set different functions and parameters as needed

The jacquard faucet can also be installed on the loom or anywhere on the loom. After adopting the electronic jacquard faucet, there is no jacquard machine or warp weft machine on the loom, but a jacquard faucet (i.e. electronic jacquard machine) that controls the operation of the entire loom and the replacement of machine parts, thus achieving multi variety production. For both ordinary warp and weft machines and shuttleless looms, electronic jacquard machines (i.e. electronic warp and weft machines) can be installed, with a wider range of applications

Introduction to the Function of Electronic Jacquard Faucet