What are the characteristics of jacquard craftsmanship

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             1 Characteristics of Jacquard Fabric:

       2 Concave and vivid: Jacquard fabric is woven using a unique process, with patterns that are concave and convex, three-dimensional, and of higher grade. It can weave various patterns of flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds, and beasts, without worrying about the monotony of the patterns

       3 Soft and not easily fading: The yarn used in jacquard requires high quality, and if the quality is too low, it will not be able to weave the formed pattern. The yarn count is generally around 40 pieces. The jacquard bedding woven in this way is thick, soft, smooth, not easy to deform, fade, and pilling, and is refreshing and breathable when used

       4 Clear hierarchy and strong three-dimensional sense: Monochrome jacquard fabric is a jacquard dyed fabric, which is woven by a jacquard loom and then dyed in a solid color

       5 This type of jacquard fabric has a large and delicate pattern range, distinct color layers, and strong three-dimensional sense, while the pattern of small jacquard fabric is relatively simple

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What are the characteristics of jacquard craftsmanship