What is jacquard? How is the difference between large jacquard fabric and small jacquard fabric?

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          jacquard is a large patterned fabric woven by a jacquard machine, with the number of warp yarns reaching several thousand. Most jacquard designs are based on one type of organization and another form of pattern, such as plain or satin patterns. Sometimes various colors of latitude and longitude can also be used to obtain larger colors

          can also be paired with different fiber types, yarn counts, and different warp and weft densities to make various styles of jacquard fabric fabrics. The application of jacquard weave is also very extensive, commonly used in textiles such as bedding, curtains, blankets, etc

        jacquard fabric

            jacquard loom controls the up and down movement of warp threads through a pattern needle. Generally, the practical pattern needle for the 1400 jacquard machine is 1480, which means there are 1480 types of motion patterns that can be controlled, greatly increasing the area of the pattern

        small jacquard

        small jacquard, a pattern formed by applying two or more structural changes to the surface of the fabric, is called a small jacquard. Small jacquard flowers are generally woven in plain weave. Small jacquard fabric, due to its finer and more delicate patterns than large jacquard fabric, is also commonly used in high-end bedding, curtain products, etc

        small jacquard fabric

          small jacquard loom uses a multi arm to control the lifting and lowering of the heald frame, and the movement law of the warp thread is determined by the blades inside the multi arm to lift the heald frame. Generally, the multi arm can only control 16 heald frames, which means only 16 types of warp thread movement laws can be controlled. The pattern woven is relatively small, and if you want to weave a larger pattern, you can only achieve it by amplifying the loop of threading and lifting. The dobby of the imported jacquard loom can control 24 heald frames. But this is very rare, commonly 16 and 20 tablets

          Summary Differences

          The size of the jacquard pattern cycle is mainly the difference between weaving machines. Small jacquard fabrics can generally be produced on multi arm looms, while large jacquard fabrics must be produced on large jacquard looms

          Jacquard fabric is a fabric with a cycle of several hundred warp yarns and needs to be woven using a Jacquard machine. Small jacquard is a cotton fabric woven with small patterns on a multi arm loom, also known as small patterned fabric or multi arm jacquard fabric

        identification method

       1 Type of opening mechanism:

        Electronic dobby: Weaving small jacquard fabric, generally powered by electromagnetic iron receiving instructions from industrial control machines to control the lifting and lowering of the brown frame

          Electronic jacquard faucet: Weaving large jacquard fabric, the electronic jacquard needle receives instructions from the industrial control computer to control the lifting and lowering of each thread. Generally, the heald frame of a multi arm loom is between 16 and 20 pieces, and the commonly used large jacquard faucet is 2640 needles

       2 Wearing heald and pulling head:

        multi arm threading. In fabric structure, the principle of threading heald is that warp yarns with the same float and sink interweaving pattern are generally threaded into the same heald sheet or different heald sheets, and warp yarns with different interweaving patterns must be threaded into different heald sheets. Draw at least one threading cycle in the threading diagram

          The electronic jacquard fishing heads are sequentially pulled from left to right. The above is the basic situation of the production process of large and small jacquard to help understand

       3 Identification method for jacquard fabric:

          1. Determine the warp and weft directions of the fabric

          2. Find a complete latitudinal cycle

          Thirdly, find out how many warp yarns with different movements are present in a complete cycle

          4. Generally, under different movements, if the number of warp yarns is less than 20, it is a small jacquard, and if the number of warp yarns is more than 20, it is a large jacquard. This is only a preliminary judgment

          In the actual process, it is necessary to analyze the equipment configuration of the company. For example, if a certain company can configure 16 heald frames for multi arm weaving, then weaving fabrics with different number of motion warp yarns must be done using a large jacquard machine. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the heald density of each heald, as excessive heald density of each heald can lead to problems such as poor daily life

For example, for 20 different types of warp yarns, our company is equipped with 20 heald dobby looms. However, due to the high weaving density, each heald weaving thread has a high density, so it needs to be woven on a large jacquard machine. In real work, whether it's design or sales, one can analyze and make judgments based on their own situation

What is jacquard? How is the difference between large jacquard fabric and small jacquard fabric?