Advantages and disadvantages of jacquard fabrics

Source:   Date:2023/8/12 15:06:00

        jacquard fabric is very popular in the market because of its exquisite and elegant appearance, high grade appearance, and high taste. However, jacquard fabric is not perfect either. What are its advantages and disadvantages? Let's take a look together

       1 The advantages of jacquard fabric

        (1) The style of jacquard fabric is novel and beautiful, with a concave and convex feel

          (2) Jacquard fabrics have a wide variety of colors, and different patterns can be woven according to different fabric substrates, forming different color contrasts. Everyone can find their favorite style and pattern in them

          (3) Jacquard fabric is easy to take care of, making it very comfortable to wear in daily life. It also has characteristics such as lightweight, smooth, and breathable


     2 Disadvantages of Jacquard Fabric
          Jacquard fabric is prone to fading and will lose elasticity after use for a long time. Moreover, cleaning and maintenance are also very troublesome. It should not be exposed to sunlight or heated with a dryer. It should be placed in a cool and ventilated place

Advantages and disadvantages of jacquard fabrics