What is the difference between jacquard and embroidery

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What is the difference between jacquard and embroidery? Below, the editor has compiled detailed information about jacquard for everyone. Let's take a look together

            Jacquard and embroidered jacquard: In the process of fabric weaving, weaving is carried out according to the pattern board, usually on a jacquard rapier machine. From the fabric structure of the fabric, there are obvious differences in fabric yarn paths, raw materials, and dye absorption, resulting in different pattern colors on the front and back, At the same time, you can easily distinguish between the brown direction of the yarn in the front and back patterns

          embroidery: Generally, after the fabric is woven and dyed, automatic computer embroidery is performed on a computer embroidery machine according to the pattern card. Of course, there are other embroidery methods, and only computer embroidery is mentioned here. The position of the front and back patterns is the same, but the reason why the back is the bottom line is that the pattern is not exquisite enough compared to the front, and the flatness of the fabric can also be significantly different

        Fabric Features

          Jacquard fabric has a wide range of uses, not only for making casual pants, sportswear, suits, etc., but also for bed use. Clothes made of fabric are comfortable to wear and are quite popular

          "Elastic satin" fabric is made of polyester FDY bright 50D * DTY75D+spandex 40D as raw materials, interwoven with satin weave on a jet loom. Due to the use of bright silk in the warp, the fabric has a charming surface, occupying a market share with advantages such as lightness, smoothness, elasticity, comfort, and luster

        The above is all the content about jacquard that the editor has organized for everyone. When choosing fabrics, we should have a detailed understanding of the differences and characteristics among them

What is the difference between jacquard and embroidery