NK series electronic jacquard machine


Date:2023/9/20 11:01:59



          When selecting and purchasing fabrics, those with jacquard patterns on the fabric are usually more appealing to everyone. The jacquard patterns on this type of fabric are designed by electronic jacquard machines or jacquard machines. The function of electronic jacquard machines is to create patterns for fabrics, which is also known as computer embroidery patterns. The principle of this machine operation is that the pattern board is covered on the flower tube, and when weaving one weft, a pattern board is flipped over. The flower tube is also pressed against the horizontal needle once, forming a designed jacquard patternJacquard fabric is colorful and vividUsually, the quality of cotton yarn is not good, so it is impossible to weave a style that can be formed. Therefore, the raw material used for jacquard fabrics is high-quality cotton, and the yarn weaving should be finer and denser, usually around 40s.

          This way, the colors of the bedding produced will be very rich, and various beautiful patterns can be woven, without worrying about the monotony of the patterns., Jacquard beds made from high-quality cotton yarn will have a more solid texture, with a softer and smoother touch, wear resistance, and less deformation. They will not fade when washed, and will feel fresher and more breathable when used, providing you with an extraordinary sleep experience

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