NX series electronic jacquard machine


Date:2023/9/20 11:02:00



     Electronic jacquard machine is a textile device used to jacquard woven fabrics, equivalent to the embroidery style of a computer. Electronic jacquard machine refers to a machine whose needle selection mechanism is controlled by a computer. Generally speaking, electronic jacquard machines can produce more patterns than mechanical jacquard machines

Product parameters:

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Large component: length 335, width 45, thickness 30, external dimensions equivalent to "M5" size, Universal to the user market

Small components: length 280, width 31, thickness 25. The reduction in overall dimensions greatly improves the assembly angle of the large needle jacquard machine's thread, increases the lifespan of the thread, and reduces the power consumption of the components during weaving. The energy consumption of the components is reduced by more than 30%

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Jacquard Machine Operating Instructions:
1. When repairing, make sure to press the left and right red stop buttons first, indicating that the machine is in the repair process

4. Do not place tools randomly to prevent accidents caused by falling off during operation

When the safety barrier is moved due to maintenance needs, it should be promptly restored and returned to its original position after the repair is completed

6. After the repair is completed, the machine should be started with a slow start of at least 2 latitudes to ensure normal operation before proceeding with fast operation. It is necessary to confirm that the quality of the fabric is normal and the equipment is running normally before leaving the repair machine