NH series electronic jacquard machine


Date:2023/9/20 11:01:54



Product Parameters:

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Conjugated Cam Mechanism: Integrated forging and CNC machining, optimized design of cam curves, ensuring the conjugation accuracy of each group of cams, improving the service life of the mechanism, and reducing the jumping of healds. The split design of the swing arm effectively improves the load-bearing capacity and stability of the mechanism, and expands the adaptability of high-speed and heavy-duty varieties

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, So naturally, it is necessary for manufacturers to be able to produce mechanical equipment with good quality. The quality of mechanical equipment is also related to many other factors. Below, this article will briefly introduce the factors that ensure the good quality and performance of electronic jacquard machine equipment

The electronic jacquard machine equipment can have relatively good quality, which is first related to the procurement of production raw materials. The production raw materials purchased by the manufacturer can have relatively good quality, so the mechanical equipment produced using these raw materials will naturally have the opportunity to have relatively good quality

In order for electronic jacquard machines to have good quality, not only do manufacturers need to do a good job in purchasing production raw materials, but also manufacturers need to do a good job in improving production technology. Of course, manufacturers can also better carry out the production and processing of mechanical equipment. Moreover, advanced production technology can ensure the quality and performance of raw materials to a greater extent