JZ series electronic jacquard machine


Date:2023/9/20 11:01:55



          Jacquard This process originated from the ancient waist machine cross stitch, and was already used in oblique looms and horizontal looms during the Han Dynasty. Huaben style jacquard machines appeared in the Eastern Han Dynasty, also known as Hualou. It represents the achievements of ancient Chinese textile technology. It flowed to the West through the Silk Road, which was a source of inspiration for the development of storage technology and program controlled inventions in the growth of modern electronic computers

          As early as the ancient Silk Road, Chinese silk was famous worldwide for its jacquard weaving method. The process of jacquard weaving originated from the original waist machine pattern, and jacquard patterns have been discovered in fabrics unearthed during the Shang Dynasty. During this period, most of the jacquard weave patterns were linear rhombus patterns, loop patterns, "cup patterns," and variations of these patterns' linear shapes. During the Qin and Han dynasties, the patterns of silk jacquard fabrics added small floral patterns such as birds, beasts, clouds, and a small amount of plants to the geometric patterns of the pre Qin period. In the Sui and Tang dynasties, lotus flowers, curling grass, and sketched Tuanhua were full of shapes, and the round Dahui plant patterns appeared on the silk jacquard fabric. The plant patterns appeared rich and colorful style characteristics. By the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, the silk jacquard fabric patterns were natural, smooth, delicate and fine. In modern times, due to the rapid progress of weaving technology, large-scale electronic jacquard machines have emerged. Jacquard weaving technology has made rapid progress, and jacquard fabric patterns have also presented rich and colorful styles. The artistic expression of jacquard weaving has grown and developed in an unprecedented way

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, The arranged component box design facilitates component maintenance

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