Analysis of the Causes of Jacquard Machine Malfunctions

Source:   Date:2023/2/22 11:44:00

          Jacquard machines are prone to malfunctions during use. So, what are the types of malfunctions in electronic jacquard machines? What is the cause of each malfunction

       1. Local temporal rise

       a. After ensuring correct operation, replace the solenoid valve

       b. Check for wear on the front and rear of the motion hook

       2. Permanent or local component sinking

       a. Check the motion structure of the original component

       b. Ensure that the contact of the solenoid valve is free of grease and dirt

       c. If the contact surface shows loss points, the solenoid valve must be replaced

       d. Check the operation of the return spring

       3. Permanent improvement

       a. It may be a short circuit of the solenoid valve

       b. Check the vulnerable parts at the front and back of the sports hook

        The above are some common electronic jacquard machine faults that may be caused. I believe that after the above analysis, you will also have a clear understanding of their causes. I hope the above introduction can be helpful to you


Analysis of the Causes of Jacquard Machine Malfunctions