Achievement of Ancient Weaving Technology - Jacquard Machine

Source:   Date:2022/12/8 10:50:00

        Jacquard originated from the Shang Dynasty. Jacquard originated from the primitive waist weaving machine, where traditional weaving machines can only weave plain fabrics, while fabrics with complex patterns need to be woven using a jacquard machine

By the Han Dynasty, this jacquard weaving process had already been used on diagonal and horizontal looms. The flower based jacquard machine, which represents the achievements of ancient weaving technology in China, was born in the Eastern Han Dynasty, also known as the "Flower Tower"

          flower book is a set of programs for storing pattern information on a jacquard machine. It is composed of foot threads representing warp threads and ear threads representing weft threads woven according to pattern requirements. When getting on the machine, the foot thread is connected to the fiber thread that raises the warp thread. At this time, pulling the foot thread on one side of the ear thread can play a role in raising the relevant warp thread. During weaving, two people work together, one person is a flower puller, sitting on a three foot high flower tower to pull flowers and carry a harness, while the other person steps on a pole to weave

In Wang Yi's "Ji Fu Fu" of the Eastern Han Dynasty, he used the phrase "delicate and still women, swaying through the meridians, swaying and looking up" to describe the scene of weavers and jacquards working together to operate jacquard machines. However, this type of jacquard machine is too large and requires multiple people to work together, resulting in extremely low production efficiency and difficulty in promoting it among the public

          In the early years of the Three Kingdoms period, Ma Jun, who was known by netizens as the "master craftsman" of the Three Kingdoms period, saw that jacquard looms were very complex, with low production efficiency and high labor intensity for drawing flowers when he was young. "It is the change of silk looms, and the world knows its cleverness without saying." Ma Jun saw that at that time, there were fifty weavers with fifty threads (pedal control panel), and sixty weavers with sixty threads, We changed the weaving machine to twelve tips, allowing it to be operated by one person, greatly improving its efficiency

          Although there is not yet more information to explain the specific type of Jacquard machine innovated by Ma Jun, in terms of the number of heald pieces, it is relatively close to the Jacquard machine on the "plowing and weaving map" drawn by Lou Bin in the Southern Song Dynasty

Just like a mobile phone, it represents modern technology and is changing people's lives. The ancient jacquard machine symbolizes the pursuit of technology by ancient ancestors. Through five thousand years of agricultural culture, countless stories have been woven, creating the brilliance of today's China


Achievement of Ancient Weaving Technology - Jacquard Machine