Basic precautions for maintenance and repair of electronic jacquard machines

Source:   Date:2022/9/26 15:17:00

        electronic jacquard machines have applications in many industries, and their main function is to play the role of jacquard. Jacquard technology existed a long time ago. This device is mainly used in the textile industry. But with the advent of electronic jacquard machines, this type of device is also increasing

Long ago, jacquard machines, as a textile equipment, were far from meeting people's needs in terms of functionality and jacquard effect. With the progress of society and the pace of the times, people have set higher standards for jacquard machines. The electronic jacquard machine utilizes high-tech computer information processing technology, which makes the jacquard effect on textile fabrics more exquisite and accurate

However, even with high-quality equipment, if it cannot be used correctly and regularly maintained, the efficiency of jacquard production in the later stage is not high. So what basic precautions should be taken when repairing electronic jacquard machines? Let's follow the introduction of performance to learn more

Before repairing an electronic jacquard machine, the left and right red buttons should be pressed first. These two red buttons can help the equipment stop and display the process of repair and processing. In this way, other idle people will not approach the equipment during the maintenance process

Secondly, during the maintenance process of the electronic jacquard machine, relevant maintenance personnel and staff are not allowed to cross the guardrail. If it is necessary to use or repair stairs, it is also necessary to be slow and careful to avoid falling or slipping

Thirdly, when disassembling the cross bridge crossbar of the relevant pattern plate used in the equipment, it is important to remember not to hang it on the ground of the gantry frame at will, as this can easily cause rolling off. Further injury to equipment and related personnel

Fourthly, for the maintenance and use of electronic jacquard machines, relevant tools should not be placed randomly, as this can easily cause falls and damage to staff or equipment. Serious cases may even cause certain safety accidents

If the electronic jacquard machine needs to move the device's safety guard during maintenance, then after the maintenance program is completed, it is necessary to restore the safety guard to its original position

6. After the maintenance of the electronic jacquard machine is completed, start the machine and run it slowly for more than 2 seconds. After the maintenance personnel confirm that the equipment can operate normally, they can then take fast operation. Then determine whether the jacquard effect of the relevant textile fabric surface meets the standards

For the maintenance and handling of electronic jacquard machines, it is essential to follow the correct operating procedures. Otherwise, it is highly likely to cause harm to the staff during maintenance. Only by conducting timely maintenance of the equipment can the performance of the jacquard machine be guaranteed

Basic precautions for maintenance and repair of electronic jacquard machines